PTSD Compensation

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that can occur after a person has experienced trauma. This is most commonly identified in veterans after active service, but can occur in anyone who has experienced extreme, dangerous or life-threatening situations of any sort. PTSD can occur after an accident, after a natural disaster such as a flood or tornado, after a crime has been committed against them, or a medical emergency.

PTSD can leave a person needing help, this can be costly, as can the emotional and psychological implications on the sufferer and their family. PTSD Compensation can help. See more about PTSD Claims here.

Please see our guide to PTSD Claim Amounts for a rough guide to the compensation you may be entitled to.


PTSD can be overcome. There are many paths to recovery, the first is to get a diagnosis from your GP or healthcare provider. You will then be able to start your journey to life beyond PTSD. You can see our free guide to PTSD Symptoms this may help you to identify what you are feeling, feel free to print this and take it with you to your appointment.

Private therapy can be very beneficial; residential or outpatient treatment can be costly and PTSD Compensation can really ease the financial burden of recovery. For more free information on PTSD please see Mental Healthy's guide to PTSD.

For treatment options and advice on possible free treatment, email and entitle the email PTSD Treatment.

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